Laundry Drop-Off Service Contractor

The Laundry Drop-Off contractor is a "self-employed" position. In this position, you are in control of your own income, and you keep 100% of the profit! You will work out of our Hoosier Family Laundry location, and solicit your service to our customers as well as market your service to local residents and businesses such as hotels and factories. We will help you get started by providing marketing materials, a scale to weigh clothing, and will be available to you for any questions that you may have. Though you are self-employed, we will not be charging any kind of fee or percentage of your income in exchange for the ability to work out of our office. However, there are a few things that we ask of you. 

1) Cleanliness - We provide brooms, a mop, and cleaning supplies. As a business owner, we ask that you take pride in the cleanliness of the facility. Our customers are your potential customers, and a messy facility leaves a bad impression on both of us.

2) Take ownership - Our business is your business. We aim to make sure our customers feel safe and comfortable while using our facility or your service. In an effort to maintain this goal, you will have authority to ask anyone who is loitering and/or not doing laundry to leave the building. 

3) Hours - While we can not tell you what hours to work, We do ask that you work at least 8 hours within our office hours of 6am-6pm.

You are completely in control of your success! 

An important note: This facility is newly opened, and is still in the growing phase. You will be a large part of that growth and will grow with us. Its important to keep this in mind and plan your personal finances accordingly. The ideal candidate will have a certain level of financial stability or a secondary income / financial help while you work to grow your laundry drop-off business.

If you are the right fit for this position, we will be holding interviews for immediate placement. Please fill out the information below to reserve your interview time. 

Thank you!

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